Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day!

And I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.
~Lee Greenwood

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coupon anyone?

If you are like me, you never shop without a coupon? In this economy, every penny counts. I want every dollar I have to go as far as possible. I recently came across this site and thought I would pass it long:

WOW Coupons  is a GREAT site with printable coupons for the grocery, retails store, restaurants, travel, and more. Before heading out to a store, check the site and see if you can save some money!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bento Boxes

Have you heard of a Bento Box?
 I found this one on Bento Box Blog and its too cute. Stay tune as I try to figure them out for my daughter. Nothing better than opening your lunch to find your mommy made you something special!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New law

I support Arizona!!  They are doing the right thing.....since the Federal Government won't do what they are supposed to do, then Arizona will!!  I hear of too many people being killed by the drug lords coming across the border.  Did you know that American's are being abducted for ransom and Arizona has the highest amount?   
I WISH that California would get on board and do the same thing that Arizona is doing.  I want my America back!!  If people want to immigrate to our country, then do it legally.  OUR ancestors did....and I know plenty of people who have gone thru the process of coming here legally and they get pretty resentful over the illegal's and the way they act as if they are entitled to things in OUR country.  Okay....I could go on....but you get how I feel about this!!


You have two families: "Joe Legal" and "Jose Illegal".
Both families have two parents, two children, and live in California.

Joe Legal works in construction has a Social Security Number and makes
$25.00 per hour with taxes deducted.

Jose Illegal also works in construction, has NO Social Security Number, and
gets paid $15.00 cash "under the table".

Ready? Now pay attention...

Joe Legal: $25.00 per hour x 40 hours = $1000.00 per week, or $52,000.00 per
year. Now take 30% away for state and federal tax; Joe Legal now has

Jose Illegal: $15.00 per hour x 40 hours = $600.00 per week, or $31,200.00
per year. Jose Illegal pays no taxes. Jose Illegal now has

Joe Legal pays medical and dental insurance with limited coverage for his
family at $600.00 per month, or $7,200.00 per year. Joe Legal now has 


Jose Illegal has full medical and dental coverage through the state and
local clinics at a cost of $0.00 per year. Jose Illegal still has

Joe Legal makes too much money and is not eligible for food stamps or
welfare. Joe Legal pays $500.00 per month for food, or $6,000.00 per year.
Joe Legal now has $18,031.00.

Jose Illegal has no documented income and is eligible for food stamps and
welfare. Jose Illegal still has $31,200.00.

Joe Legal pays rent of $1,200.00 per month, or $14,400.00 per year. Joe
Legal now has $9,631.00.

Jose Illegal receives a $500.00 per month federal rent subsidy. Jose Illegal
pays out that $500.00 per month, or $6,000.00 per year. Jose Illegal still
has $31,200.00.

Joe Legal pays $200.00 per month, or $2,400.00 for insurance. Joe Legal now
has $7,231.00.

Jose Illegal says, "We don't need no stinkin' insurance!" and still has

Joe Legal has to make his $7,231.00 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline, etc.

Jose Illegal has to make his $31,200.00 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline,
and what he sends out of the country every month.

Joe Legal now works overtime on Saturdays or gets a part time job after

Jose Illegal has nights and weekends off to enjoy with his family.

Joe Legal's and Jose Illegal's children both attend the same school. Joe
Legal pays for his children's lunches while Jose Illegal's children get
a government sponsored lunch. Jose Illegal's children have an after school
ESL program. Joe Legal's children go home.

Joe Legal and Jose Illegal both enjoy the same police and fire services, but
Joe paid for them and Jose did not pay.

Do you get it, now?

If you vote for or support any politician that supports illegal aliens...
You are part of the problem!

It's way PAST time to take a stand for America and Americans!
What are you waiting for? Pass it on.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Homemade Deodrant

Ever wonder whats in your deodorant?? Really want to know? Aluminum chlorohydrate...what is that you ask? Aluminum toxicity It has been linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other health issues. It is especially important for women to take thought to the harmful aluminum materials in deodorant as it has been linked to breast cancer, being that the breast tissue extends up into the armpits. Want to make your own natural deodorant? Passionate Homemaking has this really simple to follow recipe to show you how!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



bareMinerals Matte Foundation

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Joke of the Day


I went to the doctor for my yearly physical. 

The nurse started with certain basics.

"How much do you weigh?" she asked.
"135," I said.
The nurse put me on the scale.

It turns out my weight is 180.

The nurse asked, "Your height?"
"5 foot 4," I said.
The nurse checked and saw that I only measure 5' 2"

She then took my blood pressure and told me that it is very high.

"Of course it's high!" I screamed, 'When I came in here I
was tall and slender! Now I'm short and fat!"

She put me on Prozac.

What a bitch.