Friday, January 28, 2011

Months and months

For months I've been on the lookout for an accent table. Dont you just hate shopping and shopping for that 1 item that you cannot find? Its either too big, too small, wrong size, wrong color, wrong price, or your husband doesnt like it. I have a husband that REALLY cares what goes the house. That can make for a challenge at times. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras!! I have found myself sending him a photo right from the store to see what he thinks. Well I THINK I have it narrowed to 2 choices:
Kirkland's - Online Only
I have been to a million stores and can only find what I want online. Which I'm not that happy about because I want to touch and feel the product...AND return it easily if I dont like it. So for now I wait and see what else is out there. Maybe Home Goods will get something good in! In the meantime, I've found a MILLION things to put on the table. I plan on making the table my "theme" table for the holidays/seasons. Stay tune!


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